Town of Grand Coulee

Mayor’s Message


I am taking this opportunity to send a massive thank you to all of you in the Town of Grand Coulee for making 2016 such a successful year!

By any measure our town had a tremendously successful 2016.  Thanks to hard work of community members and local businesses we have made strides in the development of our community. There are still issues that need addressed and council is excited about improvements that will be made.

2016 was a busy year.  A heartfelt thank you to our committees who volunteered countless hours towards the improvement of our town. The Grand Coulee Rec Board undertook a large project in building a new shack as well as an outdoor rink. This addition to our town will be enjoyed by our residents for years to come. It is a joy to see children enjoy this new venue and on behalf of the town I wish to express gratitude to the committee.

The MR2 Park Committee fundraised and organized the purchase and installation of a new park for the town. It is heartwarming to see how the new park/playground equipment brought joy to the faces of the children.  The MR2 Park Committee as well as the town can be proud of this accomplishment for years to come.

As with years past the Harvest Hoe Down was a tremendous success. This doesn’t occur without hard work and dedication of many people. This event is viewed as one of the town’s highlights of the year.  Event attendance was incredible as was the fellowship that was displayed by our community.

So what about 2017?

As a council we are looking forward to development of a 4-year strategic plan for the town. Once this process has been completed council will host a “Meet and Greet” event where we can further share this plan with you.  This event will be an opportunity to meet each other and provide information so you can understand the direction our town will be moving in.

It is our hope that we can facilitate new events and programs to help foster a sense of connection and community.  If you have an idea contact the town administrator or a member of the town council and share your idea. We are lucky to live in a community such as ours that continues to offer the traditional charm of small town living in an ever changing world.

With so much to look forward to I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.