Town of Grand Coulee

Election Information

As of 2012, general elections in Saskatchewan are held every four years, or at any time (through a by-election) should a vacancy on Council occur. The next municipal election will be held in the fall of 2024.


A BY-ELECTION HAS BEEN CALLED FOR SEPTEMBER 13, 2023  two(2) Elected Official positions for the Town of Grand Coulee


Forms to Submit if you wish to run for Council .

Form Form I,  Front and Back must filled out and submitted by August 9th, 2023 at the Town office by 4:00pm, as well the Disclosure Statement.   Both these forms are to be submitted to the Town office, by person, fax or email.


Please print these forms below to proceed

Form I – Nomination Form

Disclosure Statement



Information for Candidates

Can I be on Council?

To be eligible to be a candidate in a municipal election, you must be:

  • 18 years of age on election day;
  • a Canadian citizen;
  • not disqualified from a candidate (as per legislation); and
  • eligible to be nominated as provided for in The Local Government Election Act.

Interested in being on Council?

Anyone interested in running for Council should review the links below to familiarize themselves with the requirements and expectations of elected officials.

Now that you have decided to run for Council, submit your nomination papers with the Returning Office during the nomination period. Nomination deadlines are legislated by the province and will be outlined in the Notice of Call for Nominations issued by the Town.

Information for Voters

Who can vote?

To be eligible to vote, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • be at least 18 years of age and one of the following;
  • have lived in Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately before election day and:
    • lived in the municipality (or on land now in the municipality) for at least three consecutive months immediately before election day; or
    • be the owner of assessable land situated in the municipality (or land now situated in the municipality) for at least three consecutive months immediately before election day.

What do I need to vote?

On election day, you will be required to provide proof of identity to vote. The best option is to provide government-issued, valid photo ID that contains your name and address. Examples include: 

  • valid Saskatchewan driver’s licence;
  • valid Saskatchewan ID card issued by SGI or any motor licence issuer; or
  • any other valid government-issued photo ID issued by a Canadian government whether federal, provincial or municipal, or an agency of that government, so long as it includes your name and address.

If you do not have a valid photo ID, there other options available to you as detailed on the Government of Saskatchewan Voting website or you can acquire non-drivers photo ID from SGI.