Town of Grand Coulee

Building & Development Permits

What is a Development Permit?

Development permits relate to community planning; specifically, what can and cannot be done on or to a property. It is the “what” and “where” of the building process. Regulations for development are found in our Zoning Bylaw (ZB) and Official Community Plan Bylaw (OCP). The ZB and OCP and are regulated by The Planning and Development Act2007.

What is a Building Permit?

Building Permits relate to the construction of structures and the regulations are found in our Building Bylaw 21-2017. The Building Bylaw is regulated by The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards (UBAS) Act, including The National Building Code.

For further information regarding permitted, discretionary and prohibited uses please refer to our Zoning Bylaw 06-2012 and its amendments. Zoning for all properties in town can be found on the Zoning Map. Regulations for each district will be found in the corresponding sections of the ZB. 

Development Applications

To apply to build a new structure (larger than 100 ft2), move an existing structure, or for a new use (example: change of occupancy) of a property, a Development Permit Application is required. Applicants need to:

  1. Complete and submit a Development Permit Application
  2. Provide a site plan (showing the existing and proposed buildings and distances to the property lines) and any other documents needed according to the Development Permit Application Requirements
  3. Submit the associated application fee to the Town Office.

Please ensure ALL required documents are submitted to avoid delays. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. Council will review the application and either approve, approve with conditions, or refuse the development. Development cannot start prior to obtaining a permit.

Building Permit Applications

To make any structural changes to an existing building, or once a Development Permit is approved, a Building Permit application can be made. Professional Building Inspections, Inc. (PBI) has been contracted by the Town to perform building inspections. Development and building permit applications and payments should be submitted to the Town office, not directly to PBI.

Permits are not required if building a fence, painting your house, replacing roofing materials, windows, doors, siding, etc. If you are looking at bringing a temporary building (on skids) that is larger than 100 ft2 (example: seacan), you will require both a development permit as well as a building permit.

Building Permits may take up to 10 business days to process. Construction cannot start prior to obtaining a permit.

Please read the attached information and complete the required pages. Paper copies can be returned to the Town office, or electronic copies can be emailed to

Moving or Demolishing a Building

If looking to move or demolish a building, you must for apply for a Development Permit. Complete and submit the Application for a Permit to move or demolish a building form.

When considering moving a building within Town or into Town review the PBI Pre and Post Move Inspections document and submit the Application for a Permit to move or demolish a building form. Note that if moving a building within Town limits you will need the development permit and building permit (which includes post move inspection). If moving a building into Town from outside of our boundaries, you will require both the development and building permits as well as a pre-move inspection.


The Development Application fees for Permitted and Discretionary Uses can be found in Bylaw 08-2019 Fees and Charges.

Building permit fees differ for each project and usually depend on the size of the project and number of inspections it may require. Fees are determined by PBI when reviewing the Building Permit Application.