Town of Grand Coulee


The following is a list of the Bylaws within the Town of Grand Coulee.

Please note that these bylaws are subject to amendment.  To obtain a copy of a certified Bylaw, please visit us at the Town Office or contact us at or 306-352-8694.

02-2017 Dispense with Mailing of Assessment Notices Bylaw

03-2017 Assessment Appeal Fees Bylaw

04-2017 General Penalty Bylaw

05-2017 Public Notice Bylaw

10-2017 Noise Bylaw

12-2017 Bylaw to Regulate the Operation of Snowmobiles

13-2017 Bylaw to Regulate the Operation of All Terrain Vehicles

15-2017 Building Deposit Bylaw

16-2017 Water & Sewer Management Bylaw

17-2017 Sump Pit & Surface Discharge Bylaw

05-2022 Animal Control Bylaw

Appendix A Future Land Use Map (includes current Zoning)
Appendices B Water System Network and D1 Future Growth Water Servicing Map
Appendices C Sewage System Network and D2 Future Sewage Servicing Map
01-2023 Base Tax Bylaw
01-2023 Mill Rate Bylaw
03-2023 Mill Rate Factor Bylaw

21-2017 Building Bylaw

03-2019 Civic Addressing Bylaw

06-2022 Fire Prevention Bylaw

02-2022 Council Remuneration Bylaw

07-2022 Fees and Charges Bylaw

09-2019 Bylaw to Decrease the Number of Councillors

08-2021 Water and Sewer Rates Bylaw

02-2021 Property Tax Penalties Bylaw

03-2021 Traffic Bylaw

06-2021 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw