Town of Grand Coulee

Waste & Recycling

To encourage environmental stewardship and waste reduction, the Town provides alternating bi-weekly Waste & Recycling collection services to all residents. Residents are also able to request additional garbage or recycling bins by contacting the town office. Residents will be invoiced for the cost of the additional bins.

View the Loraas 2021 Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule.

What can I Recycle?

For information on what can be included in the curbside recycling, view the Loraas Blue Bin Recycling Information.

Look for information on how to recycle electronics, batteries, tires, paints, and more items that are not allowed in the curbside blue bins, visit Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s easily searchable recycling programs and donation drop-off database.

What about Composting?

Curbside composting collection is available directly through Loraas. If interested in getting a green bin, please contact Loraas or view their Composting Flyer.

How can I Reduce my Household Waste?

Regardless of family size or lifestyle, everyone can take proactive steps to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills\garbage bins. We’ve all heard of the 3Rs…Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Every resident in town has access to curbside recycling services and is encourages to review the link above regard what can be recycled and where to recycle specialty items like used paint or batteries. To make an even greater impact and reduce your waste production further, we need to think about Reducing and Reusing in our everyday lives.

Check out the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s page about living the 3Rs Lifestyle, or the Government of Saskatchewan’s Reducing Waste page.