Town of Grand Coulee


Municipal Elections 2020

Posted on July 3, 2020
Are you interested in local government? Thinking about running in the upcoming municipal elections being held on November 9, 2020? Municipalities of Saskatchewan is offering a FREE virtual education session titled “Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government”. This 1 hour course is designed to encourage participation in municipal governance and increase understanding of what it means to be on council. For more information view the flyer OR to register visit  Read More

Road Work Evolution

Posted on June 3, 2020
With the 2020 road work season nearing completion, we wanted to share a brief history of the evolution of our road surfaces and maintenance practices. Thanks to the innovation of our employees, we have developed custom maintenance practices which allow us to balance costs and quality, providing our residents with an improved road network while reducing the impact to property taxes. Did you know that it costs roughly $2.25 million to pave 3 km of roads (circa 2014 pricing) versus our 2020 budget of $40,000 to improve nearly 5 km of roads? Similar to many of the roads in neighbouring Towns, we started with gravel dirt roads which resulted in excessive dust during the dry months and nearly impassable, bog-like conditions during spring thaw and heavy rains. Back then, staff would have fresh gravel hauled in each spring, roads would be decent for a few months until the gravel got Read More

Fire Ban Lifted

Posted on June 1, 2020
As of 8:30am Monday, June 15th, the fire ban has been lifted. Read More

Coronavirus Information

Posted on May 25, 2020
The health and safety of residents and staff is very important to us.  It is our desire to provide you with reliable information on the rapidly changing coronavirus COVID-19 event, precautions and closures.  We believe it is important that you receive factual information as it becomes available. The websites below provide reliable information and are updated regularly by the Provincial and Federal Authorities: Federal Government Coronavirus Website Provincial Government Coronavirus Website Town Facilities Effective until further notice, the Town Hall and skate shack are closed to the public.  These efforts are being made to protect you and to increase the chances that the Town can continue to run smoothly. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will re-open as soon as it is recommended by the Province to do so. Parks\Playgrounds With the provincial re-open plan for playgrounds in effect June 12th, the Town would like to remind everyone Read More

Spring Clean Up

Posted on May 4, 2020
Thanks to the new isolation standards, many of us have tackled our spring cleaning early. For those who haven’t, here is some additional motivation… The Town will be bringing in 3 large Loraas bins for residents to use. The bins will be located near the mailboxes, at the Town shop, and on the east side at the end of Park/Maple Street. Please ensure that all refuse is put inside the bins, anything left outside of the bins will NOT be collected. These bins are to be used by Grand Coulee residents only. Staff will be monitoring the bins. Anyone NOT from Town, who attempts to dispose of goods, will be asked to leave with their trash. Read More

Construction Season is here!

Posted on May 4, 2020
As we get closer to summer, Town staff are busy coordinating the road work projects tentatively scheduled to start on June 1. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates as we get closer to June. As always, please respect all signage and be safe around personnel and equipment. Another exciting project that you will notice, is the recreational field construction. That project is in full swing starting May 4th and we are very excited to get it completed. Weather permitting, the construction should be done by June 10th. Stay tuned for updates! Read More

ATVs in Town

Posted on April 30, 2020
We would like to remind everyone that the Town has an ATV Bylaw. Among other things, the Bylaw states that: It shall be lawful for the driver to operate an all terrain vehicle from their place of residence or place of business to the closest point of exit and from the closest point of exit to their place of residence or place of business, taking the shortest route available. All drivers are reminded that they must follow the regulations as defined in the respectable Acts. An all terrain vehicle may be operated between the hours of 7a.m. and 11p.m. No person shall operate an all terrain vehicle at a speed greater than 20 km/hr If you witness people operating ATVs unlawfully (whether local, provincial, or federal law), contact the RCMP. Read More

What CAN BE recycled?

Posted on April 24, 2020
Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, the amount of “human bodily fluid contaminated items” received at recycling facilities in the province has grown by an estimate 20-50 per cent. Residents are reminded to only put allowable recyclables in your blue bins. The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council has a recycling search engine where residents can find out where they can properly and safely recycle items including batteries, tires, power tools, and more. For more information on recycling services visit   Read More