Town of Grand Coulee

Spring Clean Up Bins

The Town will be bringing in 4 large Loraas bins to help residents with their spring clean up. The bins will be delivered Friday, May 21st and will be removed Tuesday, May 25th. They will be emptied once on Saturday, May 22nd. The bins will be located near the mailboxes, at the Town shop, and near the skate shack.

Please respect the bins.

–       ABSOLUTELY NO TIRES ALLOWED. We will be fined for any tires placed in these bins.

–       If the bin is full, please find an empty bin or wait for them to be emptied. Any refuse dumped on the ground will be returned to its owner.

–       The bins are to be used by Town residents only. Anyone NOT from Town, who attempts to dispose of goods, will be asked to leave with their trash.