Building & Development Permits

What is a Development Permit?
Development permits relate to community planning; specifically, what can and cannot be done on or to a property. It is the “what” and “where” of the building process. Regulations for development are found in our Zoning Bylaw (ZB) and Official Community Plan Bylaw (OCP). The ZB and OCP and are regulated by The Planning and Development Act, 2007.

What is a Building Permit?
Building Permits relate to the construction of structures and the regulations are found in our Building Bylaw 21-2017. The Building Bylaw is regulated by The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards (UBAS) Act, including The National Building Code.

For further information regarding permitted, discretionary and prohibited uses please refer to our Zoning Bylaw 06-2012 and its amendments. Zoning for all properties in town can be found on the Zoning Map. Regulations for each district will be found in the corresponding sections of the ZB. 

Development Applications

Building Permit Applications

Moving or Demolishing a Building