1. RCMP
    Grand Coulee falls under the jurisdiction of the White Butte RCMP Detachment. If you witness any suspicious activity or are the victim of a crime, even if you are unable to identify the perpetrators, it is important to call the White Butte Detachment to report the incident. The RCMP review these reports frequently and schedule their patrols based on evolving trends. For non-emergencies call 306-781-5050.A member of Council also represents the Town at the monthly RCMP stakeholder meetings. These meetings allow the members to speak directly to the RCMP regarding their communities’ concerns, as well as hear updates directly from the officers responsible for our region. If you have any questions or concerns for the RCMP, let us know and we can take them to these meetings.
  2. Provincial Protection and Response Team (PRT)
    In addition to being under RCMP jurisdiction, Grand Coulee also benefits from the PRT. The PRTs goal is to reduce rural crime by improving police response to emergency calls, enhancing uniform visibility and presence, increasing the enforcement of drug trafficking, and enhancing the safety of roads by reducing the number of serious collisions and fatalities. The PRT is made up of the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol, Conservation Officers, RCMP, and a number of municipal police services including Regina and Moose Jaw.
  3. Bylaws
    There are a number bylaws in place regarding junked vehicles, yard appearance, animal control, etc. Bylaws can be found on our Bylaws page. Bylaws are enforced both on a complaint basis and by Bylaw Enforcement Officers when touring town. Through the Municipalities Act, Bylaw Enforcement Officers may, after making reasonable efforts to notify the owner or occupant of the land or building to be entered to carry out an inspection:
    • Enter that land or building at any reasonable time, and carry out the inspection authorized or required by bylaw;
    • Request that anything be produced to assist in the inspection; and
    • Make copies of anything related to the inspection.If you have a specific concern with a property in Town, it is recommended that residents attempt to resolve issues amicably between neighbours before contacting the Town to register a complaint. If a resolution cannot be reached and you wish to register a formal complaint, the written complaint must be submitted to the Town Office at; or Town of Grand Coulee, Box 72, Site 200, Grand Coulee, SK S4P 2Z2.All complaints are kept anonymous.It is important to note that not all matters are regulated by bylaws, some may be regulated by Provincial or Federal acts and enforced by other authorities. An example is any moving traffic violation (including automobiles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.), those are enforced by the RCMP.
  4. Street Lights
    The installation\construction and monthly power costs are the responsibility of the Town. Sask Power is responsible for all maintenance to the streetlights including broken or burned out bulbs. To report an issue with a street light visit Sask Power.