Over the years, our Councils have worked hard to ensure residents enjoy a strong, healthy and active lifestyle and a high quality of living. One of our goals is to provide a broad spectrum of sports, recreation and cultural opportunities. We pride ourselves on working cooperatively with neighbouring municipalities, community based organizations, and the private sector to deliver a complimentary range of recreational services and amenities.

The Town boasts three parks:

  • Community Park Greenspace located next to the school on Assiniboia Ave. near Blair St. The park includes an outdoor rink which is designed to be used as an ice rink in winter and a concrete sports pad in summer; skate shack complete with restrooms, warming station, and canteen; multi-purpose sports field; picnic tables; and bleachers.
  • Meadow Park located at the west end of Railway Ave. near Samantha St. The park includes a newer play structure, benches, and a covered gazebo space with picnic tables.
  • Memorial\Centennial Park located at the intersection of Railway Ave. and Wilfred St. The park includes a monument to honor military personnel from our community who bravely served our nation, benches, picnic tables, and swing set.

The Town is always exploring new ways to incorporate more recreational and cultural opportunities for our residents. Council is proud that recent recreational additions have been funded entirely through grants and donations. The Town has a concept plan to complete the Community Park Greenspace that includes landscaping\xeriscaping, possible sun shelter and walking paths. While nothing it set in stone, these projects will happen in phases and only when funding is available for them.

  1. Walking Paths
    From the strategic plan survey comments, a number of residents felt strongly about the Town adding walking paths throughout the community. While we agree this is an appealing idea, the Town is restricted on location due to lack of available land. Most vacant land within our boundaries is owned by CP Rail, Developers, etc. As mentioned above, there is a possibility of including a walking path\track in the future at the Community Park Greenspace near the school.
Recreation and Community Engagement Coordinator

Many current and future recreation opportunities are provided by  Grand Coulee. The  responsibility has changed for the  for the co-ordination, supervision and development of the recreational and cultural programs of the Town of Grand Coulee and the surrounding area.

The Town has hired a Recreation and Community Engagement Coordinator (RCEC), to help lead and organise volunteers and programming for our community. 

As always, program like these are m ade up of mostly of passionate volunteers.  Which is truly the heart beat of the community.  Without our volunteers many of the activities like the HArvest Hoe down, the Skating rink, and other programing  it would not happen. 

 You can submit your ideas, add your name to the list of volunteers, or ask questions by contacting the Krystal Ulmer  at 306-352-8694 or email

Please keep watch for poster around town, our facebook page and the Town website for updated information on opportunities, evens and programs.